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Whether you are buying or selling, Bear Hollow has you covered!

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Thorough Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling, we provide the best inspection services in The Texas Hill Country & San Antonio areas. We thoroughly inspect every inch of your home possible. We look for big items, safety issues, maintenance items, and anything else that could come up. We work hard to make sure you are comfortable with the information you receive and make good home buying and selling decisions.

What’s Included

From top to bottom, we provide you with the best home inspection possible. Our inspections cover hundreds of items in your home, but below is just a basic overview of the primary items included in your inspection:


Garages, driveways, walkways, grading and drainage, roof, chimneys, decks, patios, porches, vents, gutters, and more.


Basement, crawlspaces, foundation, framing, slab, attics, insulation, bearing walls, doors, windows, outlets, faucets, stairs, handrails, and all living spaces.


Heating, cooling, ductwork, fans, filters, electric panel, branch wiring, service entry, plumbing supply lines, waste lines, water heater, and more.


We are certified for Texas pesticide application and provide comprehensive and thorough pest inspections. You can add this to any home inspection we provide!

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